Get Ready Colorado: Farmers’ Almanac Says We Will Ride The ‘Polar Coaster’ This Winter

The infamous Farmers’ Almanac released their winter outlook at the end of August, and it paints a cold and wet picture for much of the nation. Colorado is included in an area marked frigid and snowy.

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting the coldest outbreak of the season should arrive sometime during the final week of January and last into the beginning of February.

The almanac’s reference to a “polar coaster” implies that we will experience a winter full of ups and downs when it comes to temperature, but for a mid-latitude location like the lower 48 United States, where the polar jet stream is a frequent visitor, that is pretty much what happens during the winter months.

This is good news for skiiers and snowboarders who want to enjoy a snowy season in Telluride!

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