Adventures in Telluride

Marybeth Bond tries out mushroom foraging (including several hours of hiking) and bird watching; both packages offered through The Hotel Telluride. She describes spotting a peregrine falcon, one of the world’s fastest birds, and even a bald eagle.

Ice, Ice, Baby: What it’s like to experience Two Picks and a Prayer, The Hotel Telluride’s new beyond-the-slopes program

“As I began my first ascent, kicking my front crampon “claw” into the ice one foot at a time, I reminded myself to keep my feet level with each other for stability. With my right hand, I heaved a pick forward in my first attempt to secure a hold.”—in this article, Heather Mundt describes her … Read more

My, Oh, Mycology

“’We’ve got a big ol’ shingled hedgehog over here!’ shouted our guide, Tara Butson, from behind a cluster of trees. Our group raced over to her, with bags and knives in hand, eager to investigate our first find.” —the author describes her fun day foraging for mushrooms through The Hotel Telluride’s Mountains & Morels package.

Telluride Getaway

Peggy Newland and her cousin describe their trip through Telluride, where they not only catch a glimpse of a black bear cub while on the gondola, but also hike and catch some bluegrass music. They stay at The Hotel Telluride, and the next day, check out Bridal Veil Falls, at the suggestion of the concierge.

Telluride: The Ultimate Rocky Mountain High

Emily Bond describes Telluride and recommends staying at the Hotel Telluride, and checking out the Mountains and Morels, or Wings Over Telluride packages. And, at the end of the day, she recommends that you “soothe your muscles with a massage back at The Hotel Telluride – opt for the CBDinfused oil add-in…End the night at … Read more

Climb Every Mountain

Ann Marie Sheidler talks about her “never-ever skied” lesson on the slopes of Telluride, as well as her stay at The Hotel Telluride. She loved the fireplace in the lobby of the hotel, the skiing, and the rich culinary scene.

Beyond the slopes

Amy Gross recounts her birding adventure and her stay at The Hotel Telluride. “In about five hours, traveling by SUV to and from Miramonte Reservoir in the Dan Noble State Wildlife Area, we spotted 31 species, including a thrilling pair of peregrine falcons, Lewis’s woodpeckers, a colony of cliff swallows, and bald and gold eagles.”

A Birding Adventure in Telluride

“Eric Hynes leads birding trips locally in Telluride, Colorado, where he is based, as well as all over the world, as part of the Austin-based Field Guides. In partnership with the upscale The Hotel Telluride, he gives guests a taste of the local birding life.”—Channaly Philipp describes his guided bird-watching trip.